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A-Z of Countries → Ghana

Capital: Accra.
Location: Africa.
Population: 24.200.000.

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Planters Lodge in Takoradi.

  • Gorgeous landscaping
  • Divine and Expensive Dining
  • Cozy rooms
  • Massages are a rip off in terms of price but it looks like most hotels charge quite a lot for that service anyway
  • At the heart of takoradi so you have access to a lot of other hotels, beach resorts and restaurants like Captain Hooks ($$$$) and Champs Bar ($$$).
  • Pleasant resort to ‘getaway’ to if you want to relax
  • Weekend and holiday packages are available

Overall this hotel is quite pricey ($200-$400 a night) I won’t say that it is fully worth it because there really isn’t much to do and the food is quite expensive but if you have other activities lined up in terms of touring Takoradi then its not a bad place to stay by yourself, spouse or with the family while you discover what Tadi has to offer.

Find out more: http://www.planterslodge.com/

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What do you think of Ghana’s group this World Cup?

Ghana’s Group has been named the group of Death.
What are YOUR thoughts? Do we have what it takes this year?

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Did you all already know about this ?

"Ghana Restraunt in plane" ,

Source: YouTube

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Miss Ghana

Miss Ghana

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Look who’s movin on up FIFA ranking ( out of 207 countries for Gh to be 26, pretty dope indeed).

Look who’s movin on up FIFA ranking ( out of 207 countries for Gh to be 26, pretty dope indeed).

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Another video from the Azonto All Stars ! This vid is crazyy chalaaayyy !
Azonto WILL be the next Gangnam style 👍

Gh takeover 👊

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Learn Ga from these girls

which is my parents native language btw ;)

Any Ga people out there?

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